Friday, 24 October 2008

All aboard

A quick shot of the completed baseboard

Well, the first major step has been taken. The top is 9mm birch ply and a double wall 12mm frame around this (more infomation on this when I get to point motors and electrics). Next to a a few scenic items, there is little else to report. The next step is track and that 3 way point...

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tea? Tea, aye...

The new Farish TTA with chassis modifications.

As stated at the beginning of this blog, I am a fan of the new TTA with the exception of the strange appearance of the W-irons. So, here is a test show of the proposed solution.
You will need;
2mm Association
2-482 5'0" 13 leaf spring with L.H. & roller bearing axle box
2-351 Wagon chassis etch - 12' 0" w/b 21'0" long for Parkside kits
Plus wheels, top hats etc.

1823 Alternative catwalk for Peco 45t tank (Different etch shown)

You will have to;

- Dismantle the entire wagon.
- Discard catwalk, coupling pockets and axles.
- Remove chassis details, rigging/brake shoes (keep safe).
- Widen slots where brakes once sat, to accept W irons. Using a flat file, file towards the outside of the wagon.
- Machine off W irons, leaving the leaf hangers
- W irons are cut from the etched chassis. Fit flush with top of sole bar, fill/ sand.
- Refit brake shoes and rigging.
- Cut leaf hangers from white metal castings, glue to new W irons.
- Fit catwalk as per instructions.

... easy, he says. I have tried fitting the springs in two ways, what's your opinion? Left or Right?

Friday, 5 September 2008

... carry on.

The start of the goods shed

I'm glad that's over and done with! I've now settled into my new place and the modelling gear has come out. Having put off the main structure I decided to jump straight in before I cover the work area in wagon kits again.

I've decided to model the main shell from 30thou plasticard and covering with brick embossed plastic sheets. I was tempted to go the paper route but the complex brick work on the main shed made me go with what I know best. Etched window frames from the Ratio range will be used.

No real progress has been made, the Templot print out is back on the dining table and little card structures are popping up to give a sense of scale. Hopefully I can then decide on baseboard dimensions.

Monday, 7 July 2008


Stephen Harris 16T kits

The title says it all. Due to a change in career, I'm also moving house. As we all know this does tend to eat into modelling time. For now I will leave you with a quick shot of a rake of 16T minerals I have been building for the layout. Designed and sold by Stephen Harris, these have to be the most straight forward etched kit money can buy. Each kit can be made to the above stage in one evenings work. Fantastic bit of etching.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cut n' Shut Outcome

Motor fitted, wiring to complete.

Finally, I have dug deep and brought that digital camera I've needed for the last 4 years. Which means I can start pestering you all with images of half finished models again.

On the class 25 front there is progress, the motor is in and runs... not great but tweaks and running in is still needed. Work carried out as described before, the motor is supported on it's on armature and is stopped from rotating by a snug fitment in the milled slot within the plastic chassis moulding.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cut n' Shut

Since moving house 2 years ago, the old Proxxon miller has been gathering dust... until this evening. Tonight's victim, the class 25 chassis. I've considered replacing this with the new BachFar offering, but why waste the old one? After rummaging around I had found a Mashima 9/18 motor which was purchased many years back, a few 12BA screws and a length of brass bar (2x5mm approx.).

The plan is to simply(?) to remove the existing armature, mill out the chassis block and insert the Mashima. After running over the chassis bock with the calipers it was soon apparent there wouldn't be much left after fitting the motor, so a brass spine would have to be provided.

So far, the chassis has been machined ready for the motor and the spine bolted to the top of the block. More machining is require to clear the new motor's armature...

... but it's late and the miller/hoover combination is keeping the neighbours up. To be continued.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Back From The Drawing Board

Templot Screen Dump
After purchasing Templot ( earlier this year, I have been running through a few tutorials to try pick it up. Above is Mk 1 for the layout plan, simply two B6 RH turnouts and a 3 way tandem. Simply not being the optimum word here.
Thanks to printing this out full size I have a better feel for how big the layout will actually be, I had feared the point work would cause the sidings to be too small, but the coal wharf can still handle 12 16T minerals and a class 25. Result.
The fiddle yard has also been drawn out, but I'll save you from a few dull lines and leave it there for now.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Rolling Stock

The above is image, you've most likely seen before. It's been in this state for 4 years, the chassis has actually seized. Great...

Currently running on the old school GraFar chassis, I am considering purchasing the new BachFar model and using it's chassis on turned down wheels. I can't see this being a problem as they still use the original body shell (please correct me if I'm wrong, it could be a costly mistake).

Also in the gloat box is a Worsley Works class 24 etch, but sadly I can't see this being completed in time for the competition.
On the wagon side of things, I have been building up 3 of the initial of Stephen Harris' 16T minerals. These are excellent little kits and go together with ease (thanks to the use of the dowel/tab location style assembly). If all goes to plan I'll have a few more of the 16T variations and the 21T(?) version.
I'm still not sure on which route to follow for the TTA tank wagons; Peco or Bachmann? Both require TPM's ( walkway etch and repaints. The main down fall of the Bachmann chassis is the fact they have made the w-irons flush with the outer edge of the sole bar, giving it a strange overall look. An option would be to replace these with Association etches and white metal axle boxes and springs. Otherwise, these are great little models. The Peco model, which a little cruder, dose seem to have a better "feel" about it. Yet requires more detailing. Etched chassis anyone?
Other items built include the Association ( 20T brake van and SH Dogfish wagon. If time permits, I would like to make a small rake of PW stock which could be stored in the yard ready for use at the weekend/evening.

Image - Grahame Hedges

Monday, 21 January 2008

The Prototype

The goods yard at Colwyn Bay was build in the early part of the 20th century and remained in service until the early 80s. I plan to model the yard towards the end of it's life, with the coal and oil deliveries still making a regular showing.
The above plan shows the yard in it's final state, before being lifted during the construction of the A55 Expressway. The goods shed has been separated from the railway and it's through road lifted. The shed is now a privately owned property.
The coal yard at this time was still taking deliveries by means of standard mineral wagons and the oil via TTA tank formations. The majority of these trains were headed up by class 24s and 25s.
My research is still in it's early days, so I shall report my findings as they happen. So I will leave you with a link to the excellent 2D53;

In the beginning...

... there wasn't very much, to be honest, there isn't much to report currently. A few weeks back I decided to build a shunting plank for my first attempt at modelling to the 2mm Association's standards. Not long after the 2mm layout challenge was mentioned to myself by Andy Morris, so I thought to myself "Why not... I'll have a go". Famous last words.