Thursday 17 April 2008

Cut n' Shut

Since moving house 2 years ago, the old Proxxon miller has been gathering dust... until this evening. Tonight's victim, the class 25 chassis. I've considered replacing this with the new BachFar offering, but why waste the old one? After rummaging around I had found a Mashima 9/18 motor which was purchased many years back, a few 12BA screws and a length of brass bar (2x5mm approx.).

The plan is to simply(?) to remove the existing armature, mill out the chassis block and insert the Mashima. After running over the chassis bock with the calipers it was soon apparent there wouldn't be much left after fitting the motor, so a brass spine would have to be provided.

So far, the chassis has been machined ready for the motor and the spine bolted to the top of the block. More machining is require to clear the new motor's armature...

... but it's late and the miller/hoover combination is keeping the neighbours up. To be continued.

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