Monday, 28 December 2009

Laying Tracks

Track electrical feeds
For electrical connections I am using the brass sleepers and brass dress makers pins. I've never been a fan of soldering wires to rails, so this is a nice little alternative.
I have decided to use the standard Tortoise point motor with the Exactoscale adaptor base, then some how find a way of fixing it to the Easitrac points.

Top view of TOU
I'm quite pleased with how it's come out, a nice improvement on my previous PCB versions. A few things have been sorted out in this image; the top switch blade now does not over hang the sleeper and the second plastic sleeper from the left his been fixed down properly. I struggle to see these things when on the layout, so the camera does have it's uses after all. Below, I will try and explain how this was finally achieved.

Underside view of TOU

Control Arms

The two vertical brass tubes can be moved along the plastic slider bar to adjust the final rest position of the switch blades and the brass tubes telescope inside of each other to suit the depth of your baseboards. The adjustable components allow the switch blades to just gently touch the stock rail, this reduces wear and tear in the long run. The dropper wires are a snug fit in the tube (.3mm ID tube with .288mm dia wire) and is not soldered or glued, this stops any twisting of switch blade tips when throwing the points over. Both switch rails are individually adjustable, to make up for any misalignment when fixing the Exactocale base to the baseboard. Trying to put screws into wood to an accuracy of 5 thou can be a bit tricky at times.

Switch rail with dropper wire

Above is a switch blade shown upside down with a .28 PB wire dropper soldered to it. The wire is first soldered along the foot of the rail for extra strength and the bent outwards and under the stock rail of the turnout (this piece will keep the tip of the switch blade the same height as the adjacent fixed rail). Then after the next bend, the long tail piece will thread downwards into the baseboard and into the brass tubes mounted on the exactoscale operating arm below.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Colwyn Bay Scenic Structures

A sleeper and "I" section fence for the rear of the coal yard, which is almost 3 feet long.

The green shed, still requiring a green wash and window frames.

The layers are slowly being built up on the main goods shed.

The pictures above are pretty much self explanatory, just a quick refresh to show the overall progress of the project.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

3-way Asymmetric Turnout

My previous RH turnout along side the new 3-way.

A mock up to test the final track position.

The wheels of progress continue to turn on Colwyn Bay. Track work is ready to be glued into it's final place, Tortoise motors have been purchased and a shiny new DCC system is on it's way. New plans for a fiddle yard have been drawn up and scenics are just over the horizon.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

On the Right Track

RH A6 Turnout from Easitrac Components

After another career move, the dust has once again settled and progress continues. I have finally started work on my turnouts, I can not praise these products highly enough! The results are consistent and crisp, thanks to some very clever jigs provided. Future updates will be along shortly as the 3 way point progresses.

Monday, 4 May 2009

1/120 21T Mineral Wagons

The new 21T minteral from Stephen Harris

As a change from layout building, I've broke out the soldering supplies and produced the above. Now available through the advert in the current Association Magazine. I have decided to build the 1/120 diagram version with the self adjusting brake set up.

As with the 16T variation of this kit, all parts fall into place and a single kit can be assembled in an evening or two. Everything is included within in the kit, with the exception of wheels, bearings, buffers and .33 wire.

While stocks last etc.

Monday, 27 April 2009

A Long Over Due Update

Card Formers Used in Trial

Where has the time gone? I've been putting off an update until I had completed another section, I have started a few bits and pieces though. Recently I have been; working away on my rake of TTAs, working on the goods shed, experimenting with track, making the first coal bagging hopper and designing etches.

A Test Point Constructed with Etched Chairs

On the track front there has been a lot going on, mostly with tests for the 3 way point nearest the fiddle yard. Mock ups have been made using PCB sleepers and bullhead rail and all seem to work in concept. The image above shows a trial with etched chair plates, this is a great improvement and work has been put on hold until Easitrac points are available and that option also tried.

The Coal Bagging Hopper
Constructed from 5thou plasticard and mircostrip, the hopper has come out well. Etches are being drawn up to create another seven required for the layout.

Colwyn Bay Goods Shed

As can be seen above, the goods shed is taking shape and etches have been drawn up for windows and doors. The roof has been started using ration sheets, but I'm not too happy with the overall effect.