Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tea? Tea, aye...

The new Farish TTA with chassis modifications.

As stated at the beginning of this blog, I am a fan of the new TTA with the exception of the strange appearance of the W-irons. So, here is a test show of the proposed solution.
You will need;
2mm Association
2-482 5'0" 13 leaf spring with L.H. & roller bearing axle box
2-351 Wagon chassis etch - 12' 0" w/b 21'0" long for Parkside kits
Plus wheels, top hats etc.

1823 Alternative catwalk for Peco 45t tank (Different etch shown)

You will have to;

- Dismantle the entire wagon.
- Discard catwalk, coupling pockets and axles.
- Remove chassis details, rigging/brake shoes (keep safe).
- Widen slots where brakes once sat, to accept W irons. Using a flat file, file towards the outside of the wagon.
- Machine off W irons, leaving the leaf hangers
- W irons are cut from the etched chassis. Fit flush with top of sole bar, fill/ sand.
- Refit brake shoes and rigging.
- Cut leaf hangers from white metal castings, glue to new W irons.
- Fit catwalk as per instructions.

... easy, he says. I have tried fitting the springs in two ways, what's your opinion? Left or Right?

Friday, 5 September 2008

... carry on.

The start of the goods shed

I'm glad that's over and done with! I've now settled into my new place and the modelling gear has come out. Having put off the main structure I decided to jump straight in before I cover the work area in wagon kits again.

I've decided to model the main shell from 30thou plasticard and covering with brick embossed plastic sheets. I was tempted to go the paper route but the complex brick work on the main shed made me go with what I know best. Etched window frames from the Ratio range will be used.

No real progress has been made, the Templot print out is back on the dining table and little card structures are popping up to give a sense of scale. Hopefully I can then decide on baseboard dimensions.