Tuesday 23 September 2008

Tea? Tea, aye...

The new Farish TTA with chassis modifications.

As stated at the beginning of this blog, I am a fan of the new TTA with the exception of the strange appearance of the W-irons. So, here is a test show of the proposed solution.
You will need;
2mm Association
2-482 5'0" 13 leaf spring with L.H. & roller bearing axle box
2-351 Wagon chassis etch - 12' 0" w/b 21'0" long for Parkside kits
Plus wheels, top hats etc.

1823 Alternative catwalk for Peco 45t tank (Different etch shown)

You will have to;

- Dismantle the entire wagon.
- Discard catwalk, coupling pockets and axles.
- Remove chassis details, rigging/brake shoes (keep safe).
- Widen slots where brakes once sat, to accept W irons. Using a flat file, file towards the outside of the wagon.
- Machine off W irons, leaving the leaf hangers
- W irons are cut from the etched chassis. Fit flush with top of sole bar, fill/ sand.
- Refit brake shoes and rigging.
- Cut leaf hangers from white metal castings, glue to new W irons.
- Fit catwalk as per instructions.

... easy, he says. I have tried fitting the springs in two ways, what's your opinion? Left or Right?

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