Monday 7 July 2008


Stephen Harris 16T kits

The title says it all. Due to a change in career, I'm also moving house. As we all know this does tend to eat into modelling time. For now I will leave you with a quick shot of a rake of 16T minerals I have been building for the layout. Designed and sold by Stephen Harris, these have to be the most straight forward etched kit money can buy. Each kit can be made to the above stage in one evenings work. Fantastic bit of etching.


Mick S said...


Yours look good...!
Aty an NE meeting we were treated to a display by Chris Mills of how easily they went together. Everyone thought they were the best etched kits around. I have a few for the blue diesel layoutwhich is still in the planning stage.

Mick S

Bryn said...

I really can't knock them, thanks for the kind words Mick.

Blue diesel layout? Go on...