Thursday 24 January 2008

Rolling Stock

The above is image, you've most likely seen before. It's been in this state for 4 years, the chassis has actually seized. Great...

Currently running on the old school GraFar chassis, I am considering purchasing the new BachFar model and using it's chassis on turned down wheels. I can't see this being a problem as they still use the original body shell (please correct me if I'm wrong, it could be a costly mistake).

Also in the gloat box is a Worsley Works class 24 etch, but sadly I can't see this being completed in time for the competition.
On the wagon side of things, I have been building up 3 of the initial of Stephen Harris' 16T minerals. These are excellent little kits and go together with ease (thanks to the use of the dowel/tab location style assembly). If all goes to plan I'll have a few more of the 16T variations and the 21T(?) version.
I'm still not sure on which route to follow for the TTA tank wagons; Peco or Bachmann? Both require TPM's ( walkway etch and repaints. The main down fall of the Bachmann chassis is the fact they have made the w-irons flush with the outer edge of the sole bar, giving it a strange overall look. An option would be to replace these with Association etches and white metal axle boxes and springs. Otherwise, these are great little models. The Peco model, which a little cruder, dose seem to have a better "feel" about it. Yet requires more detailing. Etched chassis anyone?
Other items built include the Association ( 20T brake van and SH Dogfish wagon. If time permits, I would like to make a small rake of PW stock which could be stored in the yard ready for use at the weekend/evening.

Image - Grahame Hedges

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on taking the plunge in the Golden Jubilee Challenge.

If the Class 25 chassis has seized, it might be something simple like a split gear, for example. If it ran well before seizure, it might be worth persevering and trying to get it fixed.

The newer Bachmann chassis do run slightly better, in general, than the Farish ones, but not necessarily much better. I used to have a couple of early Class 25s and they ran very well - apart from split gear problems, anyway!