Monday 21 January 2008

The Prototype

The goods yard at Colwyn Bay was build in the early part of the 20th century and remained in service until the early 80s. I plan to model the yard towards the end of it's life, with the coal and oil deliveries still making a regular showing.
The above plan shows the yard in it's final state, before being lifted during the construction of the A55 Expressway. The goods shed has been separated from the railway and it's through road lifted. The shed is now a privately owned property.
The coal yard at this time was still taking deliveries by means of standard mineral wagons and the oil via TTA tank formations. The majority of these trains were headed up by class 24s and 25s.
My research is still in it's early days, so I shall report my findings as they happen. So I will leave you with a link to the excellent 2D53;

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Gram said...

Hello Bryn

I find those prototype pictures so atmospheric, looks like it has loads of potential for a model.

And is that a tandem turnout at the throat? Good luck!

Graham Ross